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Car Detailing Evansville 

We are a MOBILE detailing service!

Introducing Grade A Detailing

Grade A Detailing Evansville is a professional MOBILE auto detailing service which comes directly to your HOME. We offer interior detailing and monthly maintenance cleaning. Whether you have an everyday car or one of the best cars in the world, we'll make it look as good as possible. Our top value is never leaving the customer until 100% satisfaction is achieved. We strive for perfection with every car and believe that our service and expertise make our value hard to beat!

Our mobile service is very flexible and can perform a detail almost anywhere. All we need is access to electricity. We carry 50-100 ft of extension cord to make it as easy as possible to have access to electricity. Some common spots for us to detail vehicles are at home, work, apartment parking lots, and separate garages. If there is no way to get access to electricity, we can always bring the vehicle to the work garage, and we will perform the detail there!

Car with Interior Detail

Our Services

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Basic Interior Detail

Return your vehicle to like-new condition!

This includes:

  • Double Vacuum

  • Minor stain removal

  • Rubber floor mat deep clean (if applicable)

  • Deep clean of all hard surfaces (plastic, rubber, vinyl)

  • Inside/out window clean

  • Minor seat cleaning

  • Detail-brush work in all areas necessary

  • Scent Enhancement/ Air Freshening

  • Mirror and electronic clean

  • Deep clean of all pedals

Starts at $135 for sedans/trucks and $180 for 3rd row-seating vehicles. 

Premium Interior Detail

Car Interior
Car carpet shampoo and extraction

Remove stains and completely reset your vehicle!

This includes:

  • Everything included in basic detail service

  • Full clean of leather seats or full shampoo of cloth seats

  • Shampooing of all floor mats and carpets

  • Deep stain removal

  • Fabric guard for future stain prevention. 

Sedans/Trucks: $180 for leather seats and $200 for cloth.

3rd Row-Seating vehicles: $225 for leather seats and $275 for cloth seats.  


Add Ons/ Customization

Chose from the options below to add on to your detail to fit your needs even better! 
  • Engine clean- $25
  • Fabric Guard- $10
  • Excessive pet hair removal- $20-$40
  • Car Seat Clean- $15
  • Complete Sanitize- $50
You can also customize your own detail if you are working within a specific budget, or want a smaller job done, or just know exactly what you want. Simply give us a call and will work with you to get what you want done with 100% satisfaction. 
Car Engine
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